Post-disaster Report of the Notre Dame de Paris


After the fire on April 15, Notre Dame de Paris with 850-year-old history has been enclosed by the French government and is not open to the public. A continuous stream of visitors from all over the world come to see the Notre Dame after the fire; it is still the focus of their cameras.



At first glance, the traces of the fire are not obvious. Under normal circumstances, such damage will take more than ten years or even decades to repair. French President Macron ambitiously hopes to repair it in five years. Is it possible? Perhaps it depends on whether the French government decides to fix it as it was or update the design.


The mournful bouquets of flowers are still visible.

As for the nearby stores, although the crowds are still there, the boss lady of the Esmeralda cafe next to the Notre Dame said that she had no choice but to shut the cafe and suspend business for a week. The loss was not little. Now the crowds only take photos and come for sightseeing. A lot of visitors pass by but few enter to drink a cup of coffee. The boss lady sighs for the bad business.



It is estimated that to repair the Notre Dame costs 500 million Euro dollars. Now the fundraising is up to one billion Euro dollars, enough to repair the Notre Dame twice! The towns in other places hope to make use of the remaining funds to repair their local historic sites. The local towns often fail to pay for the expense of repairing historic sites, and the precious heritage of the ancestors can only be ruined at will.


Source: World People News volunteer