Sky Lantern Wishing to Back 22 Thousands Tax Surplus


March 2nd is Chinese Lantern Festival in 2018. The festival has been celebrated everywhere and over 2000 years. Pingxi Sky Lantern festival is one of the most popular local events, special in Lantern Festival, in the world. A group of volunteers from Tax and Legal Union attends this event and, at least, releasing thousands of sky lanterns between March 1st, and March 2nd, 2018. Volunteers of Tax and Legal Union hope to have better living standards, to maintain local companies in Taiwan, and to resolve the difficulties of low-income on younger generations.

Blessing on sky lanterns is mostly love forever, good health, and good fortune. However, blessing from Tax and Legal Union volunteers is having true freedom, having true taxpayers’ human right, and a tax back for 22 thousands.

The slogan of “back our 22 thousands” reflects to the economic distress in Taiwan. However, the National Tax Bureau has over collected near NT$ 500 billions. Volunteers claim to fight for people’s right to get over tax collection back. This action can boost the economy making happiness to everyone.

Mayor of New Taipei City, Eric Chu Li-lun, also participates to this event. Mayor Chu had been the Vice President of the Executive Yuan from September 2009 to May 2010 and once pointed out that the taxation is the right and duty between the government and the citizens. Government officials should have a report regard the management and feedback of over collection taxes. He agrees that over tax collection should return to citizens’ pockets.

The representative of Tax and Legal Union, Chi-Long, Chen, joins the sky lantern festival to pray for Taiwan. He indicates that Fascism of legal and tax makes many unjust tax cases, and uncountable victims. The disaster of unjust tax cases already hurt the economic development in Taiwan. The unreasonable imposing tax invades property right of human beings. Unlawful taxation is the main cause to make the low-income generation and the economic downturn.

During this event, village chief of Shifen where Pingxi is located, Mrs. Chen, has the same opinion with Tax and Legal Union’s proclamation and makes a wish on sky lantern with wishing happy and health. Victim of Mr. Huang mentions that he has struggled with the tax authority for three years to abolish the illegal tax bill. Many volunteers make wishes for tax and legal reformation. For example, one of businessman hopes to maintain his business in Taiwan to offer more job opportunities for younger generation.

source: Global People Daily News