The Purpose of Martial Arts is to Stop Conflicts - Part 4

Promoting Global Solidarity Spreading Culture of Conscience


Non-governmental organizations, transcending national and political boundaries and promoting global cooperation, are highly valued by the United Nations. Since the 53rd session of the UN DPI/NGO Annual Conference in 2000, Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze has led delegations to participate in the conferences for 12 times.

In 2004, Dr. Hong presented the endorsement of the declaration of “Love of the World, A Wish for Peace” from 2 million people worldwide to the United Nations, accepted by Joan Kirby, chair of the 57th Annual DPI/NGO Conference.

World Citizens Assembly was held in Taiwan in 2001, with more than 600 representatives of world citizens from 67 countries and over 30,000 people in attendance. The event was listed by UNESCO as one of the most important global events of the year.

In response to each of the annual topics, he made suggestions, published papers, and called on the global community to promote the concept of love and peace. Echoing the spirit of the "United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education" (1995-2004), he launched the global campaign for on-line endorsement of the declaration of “Love of the World, A Wish for Peace” in 2002, and during the 57th UN DPI/NGO Conference in 2004, he presented the endorsement of 2 million people in 158 countries to Joan Kirby, chair of the 57th Annual DPI/NGO Conference, and Joan Levy, chair of the NGO/DPI Executive Committee, who would forward the CD to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, to express the 2 million world citizens’ common wishes toward the pursuit of love and peace.

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze met with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan several times, sharing the wisdom of Tai Ji and the balance of yin and yang.

In 2012, Dr. Hong launched the “Declaration on Taxpayer’s Human Rights,” which is regarding people’s rights and livelihoods. In 2014, Dr. Hong introduced the movement of An Era of Conscience to the UN DPI/NGO Conference and launched the endorsement of the “Declaration for the Movement of An Era of Conscience.” To date, the movement has received enthusiastic responses from people in 197 nations.

During the UN DPI/NGO Conference in 2016, young Tai Ji Men dizi shared the movement of An Era of Conscience and the idea behind the movement with the then UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.

On April 1, World Citizen Day, 2016, Dr. Hong launched the “Declaration of World Citizens” to raise people’s awareness about the concept of world citizenship and urge everyone to work together to advance global sustainable development. During the 66th UN DPI/NGO Conference in 2016, Dr. Hong stated in his speech at a forum, “Conscience is the goodness in human nature, which through education and self-awareness can stop evil and spread goodness to benefit our society, country and the world.” Bircan Ünver, the moderator of the forum and founding president of The Light Millennium, presented the “World Citizens Award for Cultural Peace Education” to Dr. Hong in recognition of his contributions to promoting universal love, a culture of peace, and education for global citizenship.

René Wadlow, president of the Association of World Citizens, NGO in consultative status with ECOSOC and associated with the UN DPI, conferred the World Citizens Sustainable Development Award upon Dr. Hong in recognition of his leading the cultural goodwill delegation of the Federation of World Peace and Love to promote love and peace across the Earth.

Source: Tai Ji Men