The Purpose of Martial Arts is to Stop Conflicts - Part 3

Stories about the Bell of World Peace and Love


A good or evil thought of the head of a country often becomes the key factor affecting the international situation. For a long period of time, Dr. Hong has led the cultural goodwill group to visit every populated continent, promoting the ideas of peace. They have also invited world leaders to ring the Bell of World Peace and Love and make wishes for peace.

To date, 308 prominent leaders from 100 countries have rung the Bell, including 38 heads of state and government, 7 Nobel Peace Prize laureates, 1 winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, and UN ambassadors.

Stories about the great feats of the bell ringers who fulfilled their peace wishes are widely spread around the globe; they have exerted their influences to improve the world’s destiny at critical moments.

In 2003 the president of São Toméand Principe, Fradique Menezes, granted amnesty to the rebels of an attempted coup to ensure national peace and stability.

In 2008 Senegalese President Wade facilitated the signing of a peace agreement between Chad and Sudan, terminating international conflicts. In March of the same year, the president of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez, actively mediated the crisis among Columbia, Ecuador, and Venezuela and resolved the imminent crisis of war in Central America, realizing his wish of ringing the bell.

Source: Tai Ji Men