The Cultural Goodwill Group of World Peace and Love, Peace Angels, Visited Budapest, Hungary


After the Cultural Goodwill Delegation of Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) left Austria, they went along the slowly-flowing Danube River and arrived in another historical country, Hungary. Her two renowned cities, retro Budapest, located along the two banks.


The delegation visited several beautiful landmarks in Budapest. Famous Heroes’ Square (Hősök tere) was built to commemorate the founding of Hungary for one thousand years. In the middle of the square stands a 36-meter-tall column, Millennium Monument, topped by a statue of the archangel Gabriel. He holds a crown and a cross in his hands, which represents the combination of the religion and the dynasty. In the semi-circular arcades of the monument are 14 statues of the great figures who gave their lives for the freedom of Hungarians and the independence of the country. Under the statues of war and peace, the delegation members sang songs about love and peace while the tourists stopped to enjoy them and the students danced with them. They later took group photos with a gesture of peace doves which convey everyone’s wish of love and peace.


The most ornate Hungarian parliament on the Danube River is one of the oldest legislative buildings in Europe. In front of the splendid parliament building, the goodwill delegation sang songs and took pictures happily. The people at the scene also joined and then everyone, hand in hand, danced around the circle, regardless of race or color. All of them wore satisfying smile and gathered there joyfully without any language barriers.


St. Stephen's cathedral is the largest church in Budapest and the most representative of the new Renaissance style church, which took more than fifty years to complete. In front of the imposing church, the delegation presented the energetic dance called, “Happiness Is Everywhere.” Through the song and the dance, the FOWPAL members shared the message that one could feel happiness everywhere if they were willing to open their mind.


Another famous scenic spot, Fisherman’s Bastion, overlooks the Danube River and the streets of Pest. It was built in 1896 to commemorate the founding of the country for one thousand years. It has a Hungarian styled spire roof with a terrace in neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque style. The young members were dressed as angels of peace and spread the message of peace through dancing. The gentle quiet songs and dance made the historic Fisherman’s Bastion more harmonious and peaceful.

Hungary is said to be the descendants of the Huns, the 7 tribes explored to the west, full of Magyarok arrogance and exotic atmosphere. With the reputation of “the Danube pearl”, Budapest was the place that Queen Elisabeth (Sisi) loved to stay the most. This once beautiful and brilliant city now has only the population of 10 million people after the war, with another 10 million people wandering around the world. Walking in Budapest, people can deeply feel the post-war loneliness and pain and understand the importance of peace.

A song or a smile can bring the message of love and peace. Maybe even one picture can bring comfort, courage and strength to the Hungarians.

Source: Federation of World Peace of Love