“Conscience” Sweeps Prague as FOWPAL Visits the Czech presidential palace


Prague city, known as "the most beautiful city in the world ", retains its medieval streets and Baroque architecture. Signs of historical and cultural artifacts can be seen everywhere. In 1968, a movement known as the "Prague Spring" ignited calls for democratization across Eastern Europe. It’s a prelude to the collapse of the German Berlin wall. On October 24, Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, the president of the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL), was invited to the Czech Presidential Palace to share the achievements of promoting love and peace to every populated continent.

The statue of the first president stands outside the Czech presidential palace.

President of the Czech Republic, Milose Zeman was unable to attend due to busy schedule. Instead, Petr Piruncfk, representing the Overseas Affairs Department, met with FOWPAL delegation at the office in the presidential palace. After undergoing intense security check, Dr. Hong and FOWPAL delegation received warm welcome as they entered the palace through a long corridor paved with red carpet. Dr. Hong shared his lifelong dedication in promoting love and peace for 50 years. Amazed by Dr. Hong’s passion, Mr. Piruncfk promptly asked Dr. Hong if he had been traveling all the time. Dr. Hong then explained to him that he had traveled from America to Europe, from Europe to Asia, all in the span of 2 years to make friendships with like-minded people. Under Dr. Hong’s leadership, the FOWPAL’s cultural goodwill delegation visited cities after cities. The goal of coming to Prague for FOWPAL is the same as every trip in the past: promoting love and peace. Dr. Hong said the true meaning of martial arts in the East lies in “stop wars.”

On behalf of President Milose Zeman, the Czech overseas Affairs Department's Petr Piruncfk (middle) received the president of FOWPAL, Dr. Hong (left) in the Czech presidential palace. Dr. Hong shared promoting love and peace as his lifelong ambition.

During the meeting, FOWPAL delegation shared a video documentary the organization’s effort to promote love and peace across the world, with An Era of Conscience movement being the main force behind this effort. Petr Piruncfk praised Dr. Hong as an idealistic fighter. He also said the Bell of World Peace and Love has important meanings. For years, Dr. Hong has led the cultural goodwill group to every populated continent, inviting heads of heads and leaders from all levels of society to ring the bell and make wishes for the world. As of today, 302 world leaders, including 36 Presidents, heads of governments, 7 Nobel Peace Prize winners and 1 Nobel winner in physics, from 99 countries, have rung the bell. Petr Piruncfk strongly acknowledged the meanings behind ringing the bell and promised to attend a bell ceremony in the future to make a wish for love and peace when opportunity arrives.

Dr. Hong (right) presented a cultural exchange Certificate of Appreciation to the Czech President, accepted by Mr. Petr Piruncfk (left).

After the meeting concluded, Mr. Petr Piruncfk invited Dr. Hong for a group photo before the portrait of the first elected Czech President, Javier Havel, who was loved by all walks of life. His "literature above politics, human rights over sovereignty" policy aided the end of forty-year reign of the Communist Party. During his tenure, President Havel recognizes people’s welfare as a top priority. History has positioned him as "an intellect-turned-politician who brings conscience into politics." Dr. Hong presented Petr Piruncf with the book Back to Origin, as well as his speeches in which he published at international conferences for many years. He hoped the Eastern wisdom of the balance between yin and yang can bring blessings to Czech Republic and Europe’s challenges today.

FOWPAL members visited the Prague Castle. The joy of laughter infected a lot of local people to take a photo together.

FOWPAL delegation carried the message of love and peace to the Czech presidential palace and to the Prague Castle. The delegation witnessed the beauty of the castle as they shared the message of An Era of Conscience movement with the Czech people.

Source: Federation of World Peace and Love