Famous pop-music voice stilled by cancer


Family members of Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb have announced his death.


The famous pop artist died on Sunday after a long battle with cancer.

Robin Gibb was diagnosed with cancer after suffering abdominal pains while on tour in 2010.

He underwent emergency surgery for a blocked intestine in August of that year.

While he recovered and returned to perform concerts, in April 2011 he was forced by health problems to cancel a tour of Brazil.

Looking gaunt and frail through 2011, he had to cancel many appearances.

On 20 November, it was revealed that Gibb had been battling liver cancer which had been diagnosed several months earlier.

Gibb spoke for the first time of his cancer to the Mail in 2012, saying: "For more than 18 months, I had lived with an inflammation of the colon; then I was diagnosed with colon cancer, which spread to the liver. I have undergone chemotherapy, however, and the results to quote my doctor have been "spectacular." It's taken a toll, naturally, but the strange thing is that I've never felt seriously ill. I've mostly felt great. There have been many false claims around, which I'd like to dispel. I am not and have never been at death's door, nor do I have a team of alternative doctors working on my health. That's not true, although I'm not averse to healthy remedies for any illness. I feel they can go together with conventional medicine."

On 4 March this year it was announced that Gibb was in remission from cancer but in April it was reported that he was fighting for his life after contracting pneumonia.

On 22 April it was revealed that he had advanced colorectal cancer.

Robin Gibb, along with his brothers, was one of the major figures in the history of British music.

As of this time, the Bee Gees have notched up record sales of more than 200 million and are regarded as being the most successful song writing group in British popular music after Lennon and McCartney.

Source: France News.Net