UK Muslims under Islamophobic attacks following Asian child sex ring gang conviction


Anti-Islamist groups in Britain are exploiting the conviction of nine Asian men accused of grooming vulnerable white girls as young as 13 for sex, to create a 'climate of hate' against Muslims, community leaders have warned.

The men, jailed for a total of 77 years, were convicted of a wide range of vile paedophile, rape and grooming offences, and it was claimed that they saw the naive white girls as 'mere trash'.

According to The Guardian. Muslim groups in the UK said they have seen an upsurge in hate mail and abusive phone calls since the trial ended this week, and community leaders are bracing themselves for more Islamophobic attacks on individual Muslims and mosques across the country.

"We are already receiving hate mail and hate phone calls even though we issued a very strong statement condemning those involved," the paper quoted said a spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain, as saying.

"If it can happen to MCB, you can just imagine what ordinary Muslims are facing as they go about their day-to-day business," the spokesman added.

Eight of the nine men convicted at Liverpool crown court for their involvement in a gang that sexually exploited girls were of Pakistani heritage.

Muslim groups claimed far-right organisations such as the British National party and the English Defence League (EDL) have used the trial to demonise and abuse the entire community.

Fiyaz Mughal, from Faith Matters, a new helpline to monitor anti-Muslim attacks, said the Islamophobic hatred prompted by the case had added to the 'poison' against Muslims.

"This is dangerous for community relations. There's lots of discussion about 'Muslim paedos', like saying the prophet married a young girl. All of this disgusting talk is adding to the poison against Muslims," the paper quoted Mughal, as saying.

Source: Britain News.Net