Human Rights

A New Project to Empower and Improve the Livelihoods of Women and Girls in Liberia

The World Bank Board has approved a financing package to improve economic livelihoods and access to social services for women and girls in targeted communities, foster positive social norms, and strengthen the government's capacity to advance women...

Iran urged to halt imminent finger amputation of eight prisoners

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A view of Tehran, Iran's capital city.

Sudan: New Deadly Attacks in West Darfur

New attacks by armed Arab assailants on civilians in west Darfur since April 2022 have left hundreds dead, thousands displaced, and hundreds of civilian homes scorched, and property looted, Human Rights Watch said on June 22, 2022.

Landmines: US Moves Closer Toward Global Ban

The Biden administration’s pledge not to use antipersonnel landmines anywhere in the world except on the Korean peninsula is a major step forward but does not go far enough to prohibit this indiscriminate weapon, Human Rights Watch said on June 21,...

EU job-seeking aid worth €1.5 million for dismissed workers in Greece

On Tuesday, the Committee on Budgets approved Greece’s request for funding from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund for Displaced Workers (EGF). In their decision, MEPs acknowledge that “expenditure for new household appliances in Greece was...

Nearly 37 million children displaced worldwide – highest number ever recorded

Conflict, violence and other crises left a record 36.5 million children displaced from their homes at the end of 2021, UNICEF estimates – the highest number recorded since the Second World War. This figure includes 13.7 million refugee and asylum-...

‘Militarised approach’ to policing peaceful protests, only increases risk of violence: UN human rights expert

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Protests against racism and police violence were held in New York City after the...

China: US Law Against Uyghur Forced Labor Takes Effect

The United States government should vigorously enforce a new law that aims to prevent imports linked to forced labor by Uyghurs and other persecuted groups in China, Human Rights Watch said on June 20, 2022. The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (...

Rights experts alarmed by violent civil society crackdown in Iran

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A view of a neighborhood in Tehran, Iran.

Afghanistan facing ‘the darkest moments’ in a generation

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Women and children wait for alms in front of a Mosque in Herat City, Afghanistan...