Human Rights

Ukraine: UN rights office probe spotlights harrowing plight of civilians

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A woman retrieves possessions from her bombed house in the village of Novoselivka...

The International Review of the Two Covenants Debuts

People carrying banners that read, "Violation of the two Conventions-Executive power violence is as terrible as war."

Nicaragua: New law heralds damaging crackdown on civil society, UN warns

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A new law in Nicaragua will prohibit NGOs from engaging in any political activity...

US-ASEAN: Promote Rights, Democracy at Summit

The United States-ASEAN Special Summit on May 12, 2022 will embolden autocratic leaders unless it directly confronts the region’s worsening environment for human rights and democracy, Human Rights Watch said on May 10, 2022 in a letter to the summit’s...

Sri Lanka: Government Backers Attack Peaceful Protesters

Clashes broke out in Sri Lanka on May 9, 2022 after government supporters attacked peaceful anti-government protest sites in Colombo, the capital, and elsewhere, Human Rights Watch said on May 10, 2022. The government should uphold the right to...

Afghanistan: Taliban orders women to stay home; cover up in public

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Women in a waiting room of a clinic in Afghanistan.

Nigeria: Prioritize Justice for Abuses Against Protesters

Nigerian authorities have made no effort to ensure justice for the killing of protesters in Lagos state in 2020, six months after a judicial panel implicated security forces in the abuses, Human Rights Watch said on May 09, 2022. The authorities...

Lebanon: New Parliament Should Focus on Rights Issues

Candidates for Lebanon’s parliament should be making firm commitments to strengthen human rights protections during these difficult times for Lebanon, Human Rights Watch said on May 09, 2022.

UNICEF highlights devastating mental health dangers for Ukraine’s children

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A Ukrainian girl comforts her six-year-old brother as they prepare to leave a...

Peru: Lethal force by police officers must be barred from peaceful demonstrations

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Aerial view of Lima, the capital of Peru.