Law Enforcement

Relapse And Recovery: A Tale Of Two Prostitutes

Nashville, revisiting the streets they used to walk.

Obama's 'Certificate Of Live Birth' Released By The White House

Obama's Birth Certificate

What brought Yang Ming Sheng back to health from the brink of death?

Yang Ming Shen (right1) knows how to make good use of his time. Busy as he is, he still has the opportunity to travel around the world with the Tai Ji Men Cultural Group for cultural exchange, and to promote love and peace. The activities make his life even more meaningful.

A Vivid Example of Turning the Tables: An Inspiration to the Youth

36-year-old Dr. Zhang Zhe-Wei Won 2010 International Inventor Prize

20110403新聞稿達人_a0899逆轉勝青年勵志活教材張哲維36歲獲國際傑出發明家榮耀1_0_0.jpgMr. Wang Jin-pyng, president of the Legislative Yuan presented the National Outstanding Scholarship Award to Dr. Zhang (right)

‘Lost’ with Carlton Cuse

Surviving on the island, and life lessons from Hunter S. Thompson

Carlton Cuse '81: “Storytelling, in whatever artistic form, is really the most powerful way we have of communicating our experiences with each other.”

Warrior spirit

Student-veteran ready for another Boston Marathon

Andrew Kinard lost his legs in Iraq but made a promise to himself that the wounds he suffered in battle wouldn’t control his life: He is currently pursuing a joint Harvard Law School/Harvard Business School degree and will be handcycling in the Boston Marathon. “It’s a decision I have to make every day, he said. “It never goes away, but it’s a commitment that I made.”

Want To Live To 100? Try To Bounce Back From Stress

Helen Reichert, 109, likes chocolate truffles and drinks Budweiser. She is also adept at moving on after life throws her a curveball.

Get smart

Kennedy School’s Nye charts a course for continued U.S. influence

What the United States and other powerful nations are facing, Joseph Nye contends in his new book "The Future of Power," is an unprecedented shift in power, both away from the traditionally dominant West to the East, and away from states to nonstate actors — everyone from hackers and terrorists to billionaire philanthropists to the whistleblowers of WikiLeaks.

Learning To Embrace Mess And Chaos Through Yoga


Nabokov’s blues

Novelist was gifted in more ways than one — just ask a lepidopterist

Professor Naomi Pierce (left) and Roger Vila, a postdoctoral fellow who led expeditions to South America, continue to research the unlikely work of Vladmir Nabokov, who studied the migration of certain butterflies in the Americas.