What brought Yang Ming Sheng back to health from the brink of death?


The sudden deaths of several senior engineers through overwork will soon turn the technology star into “technology black hole.” Mr. Yang Ming Sheng, Deputy Director of Intellectual Property Legal Affairs at UMC Semiconductor, is an energetic “patent professional” in the eyes of his colleagues. Eighteen years ago, his health was hanging by a thread due to his unhealthy work habit. What brought him back to health?

Yang Ming Shen (right1) knows how to make good use of his time. Busy as he is, he still has the opportunity to travel around the world with the Tai Ji Men Cultural Group for cultural exchange, and to promote love and peace. The activities make his life even more meaningful.

Having practiced qigong in the Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy for more than ten years, Mr. Yang believes that it is wise of engineers to strike a balance between hard Work and smart work. Mr. Yang, a well-known inventor, with his 150 patents to his credit at home and abroad was suffering from insomnia and dramatic weight loss due to pressure at work and problems with his co-workers. After practicing Tai Ji Men Qigong, his mental and physical condition improved as he learned to apply the wisdom of yin and yang to his work. He led his team to develop many new products and their outstanding performance earned recognition from the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the outstanding quality of their work.

While Yang Min Sheng was looking back upon the course of his career, his parents always blamed their children for not doing well and seldom gave children any encouragement. At one time, his mother promised to give him ten dollars spending money only if he got full marks in his examination. He missed one question and burst out crying. He gradually only noticed his own shortcomings. When he first started working, he put a lot of pressure upon himself for fear that his boss would blame him for not doing a good job. In addition to working overtime, he often came home still worried about work, which resulted in insomnia and then gastric ulcers.

Mental and physical imbalance caused him to become irritated and lose his temper easily. He looked as if he were a ghost and people were afraid to see him. At one time, while he was discussing work procedure with an operator in production line, his serious facial expression and his harsh words scared the other party to tears. Due to long-term pressure and overtime work, Yang Ming Shen found that his memory declining, his concentration failing and his work efficiency going downhill. He was worried that his career might be over.

After he joined the Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy by chance, Yang Ming Sheng treated himself better. Through simple qigong movements he applied to his daily life and under the guidance of Shifu, Dr. Hong Tao Tze, Mr. Yang learned to think positive. Using encouragement instead of reprimand, he took pleasure in his work, enjoying a sound sleep during the night. His ulcers finally healed without medication. One day the head of his staff came up to him, telling him that he had became warm and easy to be close to.

Are engineers always doomed to work overtime? In order to break away from this vicious circle, Mr. Yang cut down on overtime hours and spent more time with other Tai Ji Men brothers and sisters at the Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, sharing his life experiences. He later found that his work efficiency greatly improved Enough rest and serenity made him cheerful, and he in turned become more alert. His meticulous thinking helps better his work plan. When faced with thorny issues, he would calm down and find the best way to settle them.

Under the guidance of Tai Ji Men Shifu, Mr. Yang, a busy modern, has learned the wisdom of “relaxation” and “positive thinking.””Hign-tech enginners like me never stop thinking, I did not realize, it tied me up in knots.” Mr. Yang said now I spend ten minutes every morning and every night preparing and adjusting myself, allowing me to examine myself and open my heart. That helps my blood and qi circulation.

Knowing how to encourage himself, Mr. Yang makes good use of the power of inspiration. In the quality improvement competition, the team led by Yang Ming Sheng was recognized as the best leader and the best group. They were also recognized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the outstanding quality of their work. He has obtained more than 100 patents at home and abroad within four years. It is a remarkable achievement.

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