Human Rights

Message your way out of a crisis

NAIROBI- Help for people facing humanitarian catastrophe could be a text message or mouse click away, thanks to software that has proved vital in humanitarian disasters such as the Haiti earthquake.

Former Massachusetts Pastor Charged with Child Pornography Offenses

Former Brookline Pastor Charged with Child Pornography Offenses

A former Brookline man who served at the First Spiritual Temple as a minister, teacher, counselor, and “medium” was indicted today in federal court on child pornography charges.

Too many businesses neglecting human rights, corruption concerns: UN survey

Corruption and human rights issues continue to be neglected by companies despite ongoing interest in United Nations-led efforts to ensure ethical corporate conduct, according to the findings of a new survey by a global initiative that seeks to foster responsible business practices.

Majority of children in Djibouti threatened by poverty, UN agency warns

As many as two out of three children in Djibouti are exposed to life-threatening situations because of poverty, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) announced today, warning that urgent action must be taken to prevent the country from reversing the progress in basic care it has made in recent years.

UN: Speed Ratification of Children’s Rights Treaties

On 10th Anniversary, Renewed Action Needed to End Sexual Exploitation, Use of Child Soldiers

The children's rights treaties have helped to reduce the number of child soldiers and protect children from sexual exploitation. Countries that have not ratified them should do so quickly so that no child will be without these basic protections.

Agriculture is one of the most dangerous occupations in the US

Hundreds of thousands of children are employed as farmworkers in the United States. They often work 10 or more hours a day with sharp tools, heavy machinery, and dangerous pesticides, and die at 4 times the rate of other working youth. Farmworker children drop out of school in alarming numbers.

India: Prosecute Soldiers in Kashmir ‘Encounter Killing’

Repeal Armed Forces Special Powers Act

(New York) - The recent killing of three men by soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir in an apparent faked encounter with so-called militants underscores the urgency for the Indian government to repeal the Armed Forces Special Powers (Jammu and Kashmir) Act (AFSPA), Human Rights Watch said today. Under the Act, which has been in force in Kashmir since 1990, soldiers may not be prosecuted in a civilian court unless sanctioned by the federal government, which is extremely rare.

Morocco: Police Harass Two Outspoken Journalists

Ali Amar, Author of Banned Book About King, Among Targets of Early Morning Raid

New York) - The Moroccan authorities should stop the apparently politically motivated harassment of two outspoken journalists, Ali Amar and Zineb El Rhazoui, Human Rights Watch said today.

Older Citizens and People with Special Needs Must Plan In Advance for Emergencies

ALBANY, N.Y. - Being prepared for an emergency is everyone’s responsibility. If you are elderly or have disabilities or special needs, careful planning is essential to survive a tornado, flood, fire or other disaster.

New agreement enables UN to continue human rights work in Nepal

The United Nations human rights office in Nepal will continue to work out of the nation’s capital for another year, but will close down field offices outside of Kathmandu, according to an agreement announced today with the Government.