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UN chief gathers with fellow alumni of Red Cross study trip for 50-year reunion

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomes attendees to the Operation VISTA programme 50-year reunion.

New survey examines how schools worldwide teach the Holocaust

How do schools worldwide handle the Holocaust as a subject? In what areas of the world does the Holocaust form part of classroom teaching? Answers to these questions are to be provided by a project conducted by UNESCO and the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research. The project, entitled ‘International Status of Education on the Holocaust, A Global Mapping of Textbooks and Curricula’, will for the first time make it possible to compare representations of the Holocaust in school textbooks and national curricula.

The study will begin with an assessment of curricula from 195 countries, showing where and to what extent the Holocaust is established in the official school syllabus. The result will take the form of a global mapping, illustrating where the Holocaust is actually being taught.

Couple Aims to Preserve Yemen's Past Amid Present Chaos


'Slum Film Festival' Showcases Urban Stories

The Nairobi-based Slum Film Festival showcases the work of East African filmmakers living in the slums. This year, the judges selected 33 films to be shown in Kibera and Mathare, two huge Nairobi slums.

Faith, Tragedy Shape Former Ad Executive's Charitable Journey

Zakat, or giving to the poor and needy, is a tradition for Muslims, especially as they celebrate the end of Ramadan, the holy fasting month. Indonesian-American Dian Alyan, who grew up in a family of Muslim scholars before becoming an advertising executive and Silicon Valley mom, tries to embody the spirit of Zakat all year.

El festival del Alcalde del Támesis ha tenido un impulso Olímpico este año

Celebrado el fin de semana de la Ceremonia de Clausura de los Juegos Olímpicos, el festival del Alcalde de Londres será mejor y más grande de lo que se predice.

Cada Septiembre es celebrado el Festival del Alcalde de Londres para conmemorar la importancia del Rio Támesis. Este año el evento libre de costo tendrá un impulso Olímpico ya que coincide con la Ceremonia de Clausura de las Olimpiadas y con la finalización de los Juegos Paralímpicos. Este impulso se manifiesta con el ambiente eufórico, las grandes masas de gente y shows en vivo a las orillas del rio.

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London Olympics Conclude, IOC Grateful

The London Olympics have come to a close with the International Olympic Committee pleased with nearly all aspects of the organization and the running of the 30th Summer Games. And the United States finished first in the medals standings.

The Academy Goes Bigger, Faster, Stronger with Hollywood Superheroes

Ever wonder if it’s possible to build a suit like Iron Man’s? What would you have to do to become a real-life Batman? Do you think gamma radiation could really create an Incredible Hulk? The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will answer these questions and more in "The Science of Hollywood Superheroes," on Wednesday, August 15, at 7:30 p.m. at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. The event will feature film clips and conversations with filmmakers, including animation supervisor Spencer Cook ("Spider-Man" and "Spider-Man 3") and screenwriter Zack Stentz ("Thor," "X-Men: First Class"). Scientists will also be on hand to offer their unique perspectives on the intersection between superhero fiction and current scientific research.

For World Humanitarian Day, General Assembly becomes music video location

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon meets Beyoncé during rehearsals in the General Assembly Hall for the recording, in front of a live audience, of the song ‘I Was Here.’

Two million spectators visit the Olympic Park

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) today confirmed that yesterday the 2 millionth ticketed spectator passed through the Olympic Park since the beginning of the Games.