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Bangladesh Begins Relocating 2nd Group of About 1,000 Rohingya Refugees

Bangladesh is going ahead Monday with plans to move a second group of Rohingya refugees to an island in the Bay of Bengal, although rights activists have voiced strong opposition about the transfer.

17 Feared Dead in Russian Boat’s Sinking

Seventeen people are missing and presumed dead after a Russian fishing boat sank in the northern Barents Sea Monday morning, authorities said in a statement carried by local media.

3 Peacekeepers Killed in Central African Republic Ahead of Election

Three United Nations peacekeepers from Burundi were killed and two others wounded by what the U.N. termed “unidentified armed combatants” in the Central African Republic on Friday as the country heads toward national elections Sunday.

Mozambique: Malnutrition and deadly diseases threaten 250,000 displaced children in Cabo Delgado province as the rainy season starts

Approximately 250,000 children have been displaced by the escalating crisis in Mozambique’s northern province of Cabo Delgado and are now at risk of deadly diseases as the rainy season sets in, UNICEF warned on December 22.