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NASA's Hibernating Mars Rover May Not Call Home

NASA mission controllers have not heard from the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit since March 22, and the rover is facing its toughest challenge yet -- trying to survive the harsh Martian winter.

Scientists Set Sail to Map the Arctic Seafloor

American and Canadian scientists are setting sail this summer to map the Arctic seafloor and gather data to help define the outer limits of the continental shelf.

Portable (and Ultra-Low-Cost) Ventilators Could Save Lives in Rural Areas and During Disasters

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, hospitals were overwhelmed and understaffed. As hallways were flooded with patients, many of whom had life-threatening injuries and illnesses, the lack of proper supplies became apparent.

NASA satellites produce first map of global forest heights

For the first time, NASA scientists have produced a map of the height of the world's forests by combining data from three satellites.

Curiosity Rover Grows by Leaps and Bounds

Talk about a growth-spurt. In one week, Curiosity grew by approximately 1 meter (3.5 feet) when spacecraft technicians and engineers attached the rover's neck and head (called the Remote Sensing Mast) to its body. At around 2 meters (about 7 feet)...

Newfound crater in Egypt could change estimates of impact risk to Earth

A small impact crater discovered in the Egyptian desert could change estimates for impact hazards to our planet, according to a new study.

Scientists spot largest molecules in space

Scientists in Canada have spotted the largest molecules existing in space called buckyballs.

Universe's biggest star discovered

The biggest star, with a mass 320 times greater than the sun's, has been discovered at the edge of our galaxy by British astronomers.