The wisent bull, which was given name by students from Vienna, left today to Netherlands


Turbulent Knight from Milovice nature reserve left today to Netherlands. Almost three years old bull whose name was chosen by students of American International School in Vienna, is heading to Zuid Kennemerland National Park. He will become member of a breeding group living in coastal sand dune ecosystem in locality Kraansvlak located at the suburb of Haarlem City.


Similarly to the wisent herd in former Milovice military range, also Kraansvlak herd is facilitating grazing management of open habitats. „We are glad that wisent born in Milovice will have chance to be involved in bereeding program in Netherlands. Central Bohemian herd will leave its genetic footprint in the Dutch population hundreds of kilometers away,“ said Dalibor Dostal, director of nature conservation NGO European Wildlife, which established the reserve in 2015.

source: European Wildlife