Happiness Is What It Takes for Tony Hsieh


Tony Hsieh, the Taiwan business entrepreneur and CEO of US pure play retailer Zappos, is another striking example of positive enterprise building. Tony stated that the culture of the company focuses on providing positive atmosphere for employees, encouraging them to take initiatives and providing all sorts of benefits.

In an innovative move that touches the heart of customers, Tony provides training for all employees in matters of courtesy and patience. Employees also learn how to deal with customers in the most respectable manner possible. The company also offers one year free return policy on all unsatisfied goods. No wonder 75% of the business are repeat customers! In the era where short-term profits seem to trump everything else, this shift in mindset provides exactly the edge for Zappos to thrive, despite initially deemed by many to fail.

Indeed, the pride of Taiwan does not necessarily mean a glory of the moment. Even in simple traditional businesses, a little warmth and heart can make all the difference, benefiting thousands upon thousands of people, as demonstrated by Tony Hsieh and his company.