French police told to look out for psycho killer


Police in Paris have been asked by Interpol to scour the city for a man who has been described as a psychopathic killer.


They are searching for Canadian porn actor, 29-year-old Luka Rocco Magnotta, who is suspected of killing a university student in Canada; his lover.

Montreal authorities have confirmed the identity of Magnotta, who is believed to be responsible for the grisly killing and dismembering of the student named as Lin Jun, a visiting student from Wuhan, China.

He was studying at Concordia University in Montreal.

Dismembered body parts were sent through the postal service following the killing, after which Magnotta bought a plane ticket to France.

It has also been alleged Magnotta threatened Canada's prime minister.

The search for Magnotta began following receipt of severed body parts at Canada's Liberal and Conservative party headquarters.

Police later found more body parts in the rubbish heap at a Montreal apartment building.

Police are in possession of a ten minute video which was allegedly made by Magnotta during the killing of Lin.

They have described it as the work of "a very deranged person."

The video purportedly shows Magnotta stabbing a man repeatedly on a bed.

Source: France News.Net