Karachi grenade maker suspects 'missing' stock of being used in Mumbai attack


A manufacturer of hand grenades in Karachi has approached the court over possibly missing stock after he learnt that they may have been used in the Mumbai and Bangladesh terror attacks.

Ulbricht Pvt. owner Iqbal Hussain has alleged that nine out of 69 boxes sealed by an army inspector have gone missing, The Express Tribune reports.

Hussain is currently embroiled in a financial tussle due to which his factory, located in Korangi Industrial Area, was supposed to be auctioned off to pay back a bank loan dating back to 2000.

But the court has ruled that his factory can be only acquired by the military.

Hussain alleged that the third party who purchased the plot took gunny bags full of grenades and dumped them somewhere else.

He told the court that he would not accept delivery of the stock of 60,000 hand grenades from his factory until they are counted and responsibility is affixed for the allegedly missing ones.

The court, subsequently, ordered its Nazir, the Senior Superintendent of Police and Rangers to count the available hand grenades and prepare a detailed inventory.

The CID was also asked to look into how and who was responsible for the missing ones.

Ulbricht Pvt. manufactures grenades on licence from the Pakistan Ordinance Factory.

Source: Southeast Asia News.Net