Drug decriminalisation urged for Latin America


The president of Guatemala, Otto Perez Molina, has expressed his concern about the failure of the war on drugs in Latin American countries.


Speaking on the weekend, he said drug wars had failed, and suggested the possibility of decriminalisation of hard narcotics.

Speaking at a Central American summit on drugs, he said while a regional court should be set up to try traffickers, penalties for the use of drugs should be softened.

President Molina told the gathering Latin American countries needed "an alternative to what we've been doing for 40 years without getting the desired results."

As a means of reducing drug-related violence in the area, he said the countries would need to be able to regulate the production, shipping and consumption of drugs.

The war on drugs has been concerning leaders in the region, who are becoming committed to become independent from United States policy, where there has been repeated rejection for the legalisation of drugs.

Perez Molina announced in January that he thought it was time to consider decriminalising the consumption, production and trafficking of drugs, saying the myths and taboos should be taken out of the drug debate.

Source:Myanmar News.Net