30-story building built in 15 days in China


A Chinese company has achieved a unique engineering feat of taking only 15 days to build a pre-fabricated 30-story building in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province.

The Broad Sustainable Building's foundation was laid ahead of time, while building itself was largely factory manufactured.

Once the pieces were shipped to the site, all that was left was for construction workers to put it all together in record time.

According to the Broad Sustainable Building's website, the building was 93 percent factory made, a process which they say eliminates risks associated with design and construction quality, budget and construction delays, ABC News reports.

Critics, however, questioned the safety the building, pointing to the lack of oversight and the pace at which it went up.

The Broad Sustainable Building has attempted projects like this before, building a 15-story hotel in just a week as well as a six-story pavilion in less than a day.

The company claims that their building method is environmentally efficient, reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: Asia Pacific News.Net