NFL Player Hospitalized Following On-Field Collapse


Damar Hamlin, a player for the National Football League’s Buffalo Bills, was in critical condition Tuesday after being involved in a tackle during a game and going into cardiac arrest.

Hamlin initially got back to his feet, but then fell back to the ground. Medical personnel administered CPR on the field before sending Hamlin in an ambulance to a local hospital.

"His heartbeat was restored on the field and he was transferred to the UC Medical Center for further testing and treatment," the Bills said in a statement early Tuesday. "He is currently sedated and listed in critical condition."

Players from Bills and the opposing Cincinnati Bengals were visibly shaken after the incident and gathered together in prayer.

The league later announced the game had been postponed.

Several players were later seen at the hospital, as well as a number of fans from both teams who gathered outside, including some holding candles.

In a show of support for Hamlin, donations poured into an online fundraiser he had organized earlier to purchase toys for kids in need. By early Tuesday, there were more than $3 million in donations.

Source: Voice of America