Who are the happiest People in the world?

A 2008 survey in Europe Shows Denmark is with highest happy scores


Are you happy? On the scale of 1 to 10, 1 being very unhappy and 10 being very happy, how would you rate your overall sense of happiness? A 2008 survey in European countries shows that people of Denmark have the highest average score of 8.4, followed by 8.0 of Finns and Norwegians, 6.6 of Slovakians, and 6.4 of Portuguese and Latvians. Besides, regarding ways to efficiently elevate the overall sense of happiness, 66% of the people surveyed agree that getting mutual help and support from family members will boost their sense of happiness while 65% of them agree that the sense of happiness can be fostered by one’s efforts. Only 5% of them think that getting support from workplace will enhance their overall sense of happiness. When asked what policies the government should focus on to promote its people’s overall sense of happiness, 69% of them think that good annuity system should take top priority; 65% of them also think financial aid for raising children is crucial; and 48% of them think security in employment and living is very important too.

In April, Japanese government conducted a survey among 4000 people, ages from 15 to 79 and received responses from 2900 people, approximately 70% response rate. On a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being very unhappy and 10 being very happy, the average score is 6.5. 20% of the participants rated 8, and 19% rated 5. The average score of males is 6.2 while that of the females is 6.7. In this survey, the Japanese government asked the participants to respond to questionnaire about relationships at home and at workplace, allocation of time, medical care, education, etc. The results of the survey are to be analyzed to better understand its people’s concerns and wishes and serve as reference for advancing administration and economic development.