Healthy Hair Product Company Claims Hair Care Industry Not Honest About Ingredients

Salon Naturals, a non-toxic hair care product manufacturer, is challenging the rest of the industry to meet its level of transparency when it comes to listing product ingredients and preservatives.


As important health and safety distinctions like “natural” hair care product or “organic” shampoo continue to be reduced to meaningless hair care industry buzz words, one healthy hair care product company is fighting back to help create a safer, more informed customer. Salon Naturals, an environmentally and ethically conscious hair care product manufacturer not only puts the ingredients of its shampoos and conditioners on its website, it also explains the ingredients’ effects (both positive and negative), and will send customers to websites that have reviewed the ingredients so they can get third-party information and research.

The company says honesty and transparency are born out of necessity because there is no mandatory pre-market testing for cosmetics ingredients in the United States. In fact, only one in 10 cosmetic ingredients is even tested for safety, and that’s by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review, a group founded by leaders in the cosmetic industry. The Food and Drug Administration has no authority over cosmetics other than labeling requirements, and even then most companies largely ignore regulations and do not properly disclose their ingredients on their labels. The FDA only tests a specific ingredient if someone gets sick or hurt, and even then, the injuries or illnesses need to be fairly catastrophic to prompt a change in policy. This lack of regulation is why terms like “organic” shampoo or “natural” hair care products really don’t mean anything. The term “natural” is completely baseless, and even though the USDA has a branch called the National Organic Program that now regulates the use of the term “organic,” a lot of these regulations aren’t fully enforced yet. Words such as pure, non-toxic, gentle and mild are also undefined. Any product can make these claims.

“People think terms like ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ are strictly regulated by the government or the FDA, but they’re not,” says Lorrie McBee, director of customer education for Salon Naturals. “Most people don’t know the European Union has banned nearly 1,200 ingredients from being used in cosmetics, but the United States has only banned 11. People think they’re getting natural or organic products, but the truth is they have no idea what chemicals they’re coming into contact with every day.”

This is a big problem for people with health conditions, skin sensitivity, allergies, or people who just want to live a healthier lifestyle. One Salon Naturals customer was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a painful medical condition that causes skin irritation and overall chemical sensitivity in the body. The customer didn’t think she’d ever be able to find safe, natural hair products, but she found the Salon Naturals website, saw the hair care product ingredient breakdown, and contacted McBee for more information. Lorrie went as far as to send the customer an MSDS (material safety data sheet) so she could have as much ingredient information as possible.

“We’ll tell you exactly what’s in our products, how each ingredient was harvested or manufactured, where it came from, and how it can affect you,” says McBee. “The information we provide our customers gives them the truth not only about shampoo and conditioner, but all the products they use on their bodies and on their children. When our customers find us, they know they’ve found a resource that is changing the industry.”

The healthy hair care product company’s website provides consumers with a database of not only the ingredients it uses in its pure shampoos and nutrient-rich conditioners, but also the most controversial and commonly used ingredients in other cosmetics. If an ingredient is not listed on the site, Salon Naturals invites you to contact them and they will research it for you. The company’s core concepts are simple: its products have to perform, be easy to use, and they have to be good for the hair, safe for the body, and respectful of the environment. Jeffery McBee, Salon Naturals founder and CEO, thought the best way to do that was to use non-toxic, gentle ingredients and to adhere to a ground-breaking level of transparency and honesty with his healthy hair care products.