Gunman pleads 'not guilty' for massacre of 77 people in Norway10 day long trial against Norwary shooter begins


OSLO - Far-right extremist Anders Behring Breivik Monday pleaded not guilty to criminal charges for his 2011 massacre of 77 people in Norway, saying he acted in self defense as his long-awaited trial got under way.


"I acknowledge the acts, but not criminal guilt and I claim self defense," Breivik told the court.

The judge entered the plea as "not guilty" as the 33-year-old shooter claimed the attacks were necessary to stop Muslims from taking over in Europe.

Breivik on July 22, 2011 killed eight people when he triggered a bomb in a van parked at the foot of government buildings in Oslo.

He later traveled to a Labour Party's political youth camp on Utoya island, where he disguised as a police officer and slaughtered innocent students and youth leaders killing 69 people in the deadliest massacre ever committed by a sole gunman.

On the first day of his 10-week trial, prosecutor Inga Bejer Engh read the charges against him, including "acts of terror," and listed each of his 77 victims and how they were killed.

According to CNN, the key issue to be resolved during the 10-week trial is to know if Breivik's mental health was stable for the court to decide whether he should be sent to prison or into psychiatric care.

If deemed mentally healthy, he could face a maximum prison sentence of 21 years.

Breivik has said he was mentally fit and described his actions as "cruel but necessary".

Source: Caribbean News.Net