UK police blames Pakistan International Airlines crew for stealing goods


The UK police officials have urged the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) management crew, which included airhostesses and stewards, to stop stealing goods from hotels and shops during their stay in that country.

"I would be grateful if PIA could confirm by return the steps it will take internally to support us as we look to solve this problem together," The Dawn quoted Stuart Ellison, superintendent of Greater Manchester Police, North Manchester Division, as saying, referring to his talks with the Pakistan Airlines.

According to reports, the goods stolen from hotels included gowns, towels, kettles and glasses.

Ellison said that retailers, hoteliers and individuals had been voicing concerns over the conduct of PIA crew.

He added that PIA's reputation was at stake because if a hotel filed a complaint, police would have to take action and detain the suspect and without a backup or standby crew available, the aircraft risks getting delayed.

Meanwhile, PIA spokesman Sultan Hassan claimed the query had been communicated to the department concerned and the response was awaited.

Source: Southeast Asia News.Net