The 25th Eurasian Economic Summit: Five Former Presidents Ring the Bell for Peace


The 25th Eurasian Economic Summit gathered hundreds of distinguished guests from more than 40 countries. Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze (second row, center), the leader of Tai Ji Men, was invited to the event. (AP Images)

The 25th Eurasian Economic Summit, with the theme "Build Back Better," was kicked off in Istanbul, Turkey, on June 7. Hundreds of distinguished guests from more than 40 countries, including heads of state, ambassadors, ministers, mayors, and other leaders and peace promoters from all walks of life, participated in the event, engaging in dialogue and active cooperation for a sustainable future for the world.

Former President of Romania Emil Constantinescu rings the Bell of World Peace and Love.

On the closing day of the conference on June 9, the organizer invited FOWPAL to specially host the solemn ceremony of ringing the "Bell of World Peace and Love." Seven influential leaders rang the Bell, including President Emil Constantinescu of Romania (1996-2000), President Filip Vujanović of Montenegro (2003-2018); President Moncef Marzouki of Tunisia (2011-2014); President Petru Lucinschi of Moldova (1997-2001); President Fatmir Sejdiu of Kosovo (2006-2010); Dr. Akkan Suver, president of the Marmara Group Foundation; and Xhabir Doko, Deputy Minister of Political System and Inter-Community Relations of North Macedonia. President of Croatia Stjepan Mesic (2000-2010), who rang the Bell in 2016 in India, also attended the summit.

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, right, presents to former President of Moldova Petru Lucinschi The History of International Day of Conscience. (AP Images)

Moncef Marzouki, president of Tunisia (2011-2014), when interviewed by FOWPAL during the summit, stated, “We need peace. What's happening between Ukraine and Russia is danger not only for this region, but the whole world because it could lead to the Third World War.” “We cannot talk about human rights unless we have peace,” he added.

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze (left) presents former Kosovo President Dr. H.E. Fatmir Sejdiu (right) with the Compass Clock of Conscience, which symbolizes the encouragement to follow one’s conscience at all times.

Dr. Akkan Suver, initiator of the Eurasian Economic Summit, rang the Bell and stated, “For peace! For peace! For peace!” He expressed his gratitude to FOWPAL for organizing the bell ringing ceremony.

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze presented to bell ringers special gifts created by FOWPAL, including the Compass Clock of Conscience, An Anthology of Conscience by Dr. Hong, and a book entitled The History of International Day of Conscience. The clock represents time, direction, and goal, guides people toward the right path of life, and reminds them to seize every moment to apply conscience and do good deeds. The anthology is a collection of the excerpts on conscience from Dr. Hong’s speeches presented on various occasions around the globe, which serves as a wellspring of wisdom for the recipients in the promotion of a culture of conscience. The History of International Day of Conscience documents major events leading up to the United Nations’ designation of April 5 as the International Day of Conscience.