Chinese toddler dies in hospital following hit and run


Wang Yue, a 2-year-old Chinese girl involved in a hit and run accident and ignored by 18 passersby, shocking the Chinese public and the world, has died in hospital say officials.


Doctors had said earlier in the week that Wang Yue, who was run over twice, would likely die from her injuries.

According to hospital officials, she died from “systemic organ failure”.

The little girl, known as Yue Yue by her family, had been in a come since the incident in the city of Foshan in southern Guangdong Province on October 13th.

The drivers of both vehicles have been arrested, but the greater tragedy for many who have witnessed the disturbing surveillance footage is the total indifference of those who saw the girl lying bleeding in the road.

Wang Yue was knocked down by a van while wandering in the street in a market, where her parents run a shop.

In the CCTV footage, the first van stops after initially hitting the toddler and driving over her with the front wheels, but then pulls away, running her over with the back wheels.

Over the following minutes, some 18 people walked past the bleeding, badly injured toddler, but none pull her to safety or call for any help. A second van then runs the girl over again, crushing her legs.

Still no one renders any assistance to the critically injured child.

A rubbish collector finally sees the child and pulls her to safety, appearing to call out for help.

The distressing footage was shown on national television in China and quickly went viral around the world on the Internet.

The incident has given rise to a national debate in China on the state of Chinese morality, while many around the world have questioned not only Chinese society, but global morality in general.

Tens of thousands of messages of farewell have been posted online in the wake of Wang Yue’s death.

“Farewell to little Wang Yue. There are no cars in heaven,” wrote one micro-blogger on China’s Weibo, a micro-blogging site similar to Twitter.

Source: The Asia News.Net