Congresswoman Judy Chu Appeals for Asian-Americans’ Rights Voice out to President Ma for justice in taxation system


December 13, Dr Judy Chu, Representative to the US Congress from California wrote an appeal to President Ma concerning the Tai Ji Men tax issue to protect the rights of the Chinese-Americans in Southern California as well as others in the United States.. Dr Judy Chu is a highly-educated specialist on legal procedures and is a member of the Congress' Judicial Committee which deals with the functioning of the US legal system, the role of judges and other legal officers.

Dr. Judy (second from right) Chu was the special guests for 2005 World Summit of Love and Peace (From left, to right Mayor Benjamin “Frank” Venti of the Monterey Park City; Dr. Hong Tao-Tze; Mayor Wen P. Chang of Diamond Bar City)

With this extensive background in legal matters, she reviewed the earlier legal history of the Tai Ji Men case and then called attention to the current tax dispute. She appealed strongly for a just and transparent settlement.

Dr Chu also highlighted that a 1503 complaint procedure had been initiated through the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights by the representative to the UN, Geneva, of the Association of World Citizens, Rene Wadlow. Dr Chu wrote that she was sure that President Ma wished to have the Tai Ji Men tax issue settled as quickly as possible thus putting an end to the 1503 procedure. Such a just solution would reinforce the international prestige of the Government as a champion of the rule of law.

The letter of Dr Chu is an indication of the growing awareness among international human rights organizations, specialists on Asia and development policies, and lawmakers of the Tai Ji Men tax issue. The question of the relation of tax policies and practices to human rights, a relatively new issue, is getting increased attention because of the Tai Ji Men tax example. Increasingly also, the injustice of the travel ban on Taiwanese is gaining international attention. As Dr Chu stressed, the sooner the case is settled in a fair way, the sooner the international reputation of Taiwan as a state dealing justly with all its citizens will grow