Myanmar: Suu Kyi is free at last


She has been in prison for 15 years in the past 21 years, but now she is free at last. Burmese pro-democracy icon and opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi was released from detention by the military-backed government of Myanmar Saturday afternoon, a week after the holding of a nationwide election which was dominated by pro-administration candidates.

News spread out last Thursday that Suu Kyi will be freed this weekend on the date of expiration of her house arrest sentence. It was reported that she has signed the paper for her release around 12pm on that day. Even members of the National League for Democracy (NLD), Suu Kyi's party, started cleaning the headquarter's secretariat office in anticipation of her release. On Friday, there was a crowd of 500 or more people gathering in front of the NLD office in Yangon, all waiting for “Aunty Su's” release. A banner in front of the headquarters reads “Today's the Day of Her Release“.

More than 100 NLD members and supporters also donated blood at a local hospital to draw attention to her release.

Suu Kyi's impending freedom was later doubted when the Burmese top court rejected her final appeal against her house arrest this Friday, making the people anxious whether she will be released or not.

Meanwhile, Kim Aris, Aung San Su Kyi's son reportedly has gotten his visa approved to visit Myanmar.

Now that Suu Kyi is free at last, independent media site The Irrawaddy urges its readers to submit suggestions and other ideas to Suu Kyi.

The world rejoiced when Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, was freed from house arrest. Twitter users used the hashtag #aungsansuukyi as they joined the global conversation in celebrating Suu Kyi's freedom.

Source: Global Voices