Bangladesh ban on forced Islam


A court in Bangladesh court has ruled that people should not be forced to wear Islamic regalia, such as skull caps, veils or other religious clothing.

The court has said workplaces, schools and colleges should be protected from any order that imposes the wearing of religious attire.

The ruling from the Bangladesh High Court also provides for women to be allowed to participate in sports and cultural activities.

It asked authorities to explain why the prevention of girls taking part in sports and cultural activities should not be made illegal.

The ruling was made following reports that a college in the north of the country had forced students to wear veils.

The court said that wearing any form of religious clothing, for students and employees, should be a personal choice.

After an earlier ruling this year, schools and colleges are no longer allowed to instruct women to wear the burqa, which covers the entire body except the eyes and hands.

With the High Court decision this week, the clothing ruling also applies to males.

Source: Europe News.Net