Domestic violence deaths rise 40 percent in Argentina


A total of 126 women died as a result of domestic violence in Argentina during the first half of this year, 40 percent more than during the same period in 2009, according to statistics published by the organisation La Casa del Encuentro.

The report is based on the cases reported in Argentine news media.

'With the lack of official statistics, newspaper articles are the best way of understanding this tragic phenomenon,' Fabiana Tunez, the general coordinator of La Casa del Encuentro, told EFE Wednesday.

Just 18 of the 126 victims who lost their lives in the first half of the year had filed complaints against their attackers, who in the majority of cases were the women's current or former husbands or boyfriends.

Most of the crimes occurred in the province of Buenos Aires, the most populated in Argentina, according to the study.

Tunez demanded that the government implement public policies that 'prevent and eradicate' sexual violence, as well as develop 'awareness campaigns' in schools.

She also asked that the government draft the regulations needed to implement the comprehensive protection law to prevent, punish and eradicate violence against women that Congress approved in March 2009.

In addition, she asked that men who kill their partners lose parental rights over their children.

Tunez also urged the Argentine judiciary to impose 'exemplary sanctions' against those found guilty of domestic violence, referring to a recent judicial ruling that found that a man had 'not intended' to kill his wife.

Source: Latin America News.NET