India Expected to Ease Restrictions on Chinese Investments


India's undersecretary of state for commerce and industry, Rajesh Kumar Singh, said to Reuters at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) on the 17th that border tensions between India and China have eased, and that "once the relationship between the two sides stabilizes, the rules of investment may change," foreshadowing the fact that if peace is maintained on the border between India and China, India may relax its stringent scrutiny of Chinese investment, which will improve the investment relationship between the two countries.

In addition to China's conflict with the Philippines in the South China Sea, there is also the ongoing dispute over the Sino-Indian border issue, which has been the subject of numerous military and diplomatic negotiations between the two sides, but has not been resolved. India's industry minister said that only if the border between India and China remains stable and peaceful can we consider relaxing the severe restrictions on Chinese investment.

Mao Ning, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, responded at a regular press conference on the 19th that in recent years, the outside world has been questioning the Indian side of the discriminatory measures taken against Chinese enterprises in India and selective enforcement of other considerations behind, if the relevant reports are true, it is precisely to prove that the outside world's doubts are not empty winds.