Human Rights

Xinjiang court sentences Uighur man to death for violence

A court in the far western Chinese province of Xinjiang has sentenced to death an Uighur man for masterminding a...

Afghanistan: Hundreds of Women, Girls Jailed for ‘Moral Crimes’

A prisoner covers her face while sitting outside a room that she shares with 15 other...

Flights across Germany hit due to ground workers strike

Lufthansa and Air Berlin, two of Germany's biggest airlines, scrapped more than 460 flights worldwide Tuesday due to...

ISRAEL-OPT: Helping ex-detainee children cope with trauma

Hamza was detained by the Israeli military for four and a half months after he was caught throwing stones

UN tribunal refers case of fugitive genocide suspect to Rwanda court

The United Nations tribunal trying key suspects implicated in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda today ordered the case of an...

Anti-Nuclear Activists Say Summit Ignores True Nuclear Security

President Barack Obama says the United States is committed to developing new technologies to produce peaceful nuclear energy. He made these remarks on Monday at the start of a nuclear security summit in Seoul, South Korea.

UN Rights Council: North Korea Condemnation Goes Unopposed

The United Nations Human Rights Council’s adoption of a resolution condemning human rights violations in North Korea signaled both the gravity of the abuses and the need for the new president, Kim Jong-un, to make major reforms, Human Rights Watch...

On International Day, Ban pays tribute to all those seeking truth and justice

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today paid tribute to all the brave individuals worldwide who have devoted their lives to protecting human rights and to promoting access to truth and justice.

UN urges Sri Lanka to take 'credible' steps to ensure accountability for alleged war crimes

The top United Nations human rights body today called on the Government of Sri Lanka to take "credible" steps to ensure accountability for alleged serious violations committed during the final stages of the country's civil war.

Cambodian Opposition Leader Blasts Tribunal Interference

Cambodia's opposition leader in exile is criticizing the country's government, accusing it of blatantly interfering with attempts to prosecute crimes committed by the Khmer Rouge.