Family Matters Blog: Compact Eases School Transitions

Nearly a year ago, I made the move from Virginia to Maryland and enrolled my children in their new school.

Blind Teens Tap Into Senses At Chemistry Camp

Campers Mary Church and Jimmy Cong use their sense of smell to detect whether a chemical reaction has taken place.

UNESCO’s 2011 Literacy Prizewinners: Working for peace and gender equality

The theme of this year’s prizes is literacy and peace, with special consideration to gender equality. Prizewinners include programmes in Burundi, Mexico, the United States of America, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, with honourable mentions to...

Philippines: Planking against Education Cuts


Statement of the Fourth Lower Mekong Initiative Ministerial Meeting

On July 22, 2011, the Foreign Ministers and senior representatives of the Lower Mekong Basin countries -- Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Viet Nam -- and the U.S. Secretary of State met in Bali, Indonesia for the 4th Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI)...

In Gaza, children at UN-backed games break world record for hand painting


BANGLADESH: Bigger role for women in disaster preparedness

Women are often overlooked in preparedness efforts

Author, Jacquelyn Quattro's Best Selling Children's Book is Extra Smart!

New Children's book encourages children to think for themselves!