Human Rights

MYANMAR: Landmine survivor needs outstrip aid

Zaw Lwin, 42, lost his leg to a landmine 12 years ago in the eastern part of Myanmar's Bago Region

AFGHANISTAN: Children were killed in an attack on Shiites

Afghan Shiites who were taking part in a religious ceremony at a shrine in Kabul on Tuesday were attacked by a suicide bomber.


IRAQ: Overall violence down - but attacks on minorities continue

Rifle drill for Iraqi police - rights groups say attacks on minorities are rarely investigated creating a "climate of impunity"

High Court To Hear HIV-Positive Pilot's Privacy Case

The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments Wednesday in a case testing whether the federal government is liable for damages when it violates the Privacy Act by disclosing that an individual is HIV-positive. The government does not dispute that it broke the law, but it asserts that the Privacy Act authorizes damage suits only for violations that cause economic harm, not for emotional harm.

Beyond Fighting Crime, FBI Reaches Out To Victims

When FBI agents arrive at the scene of a shooting or a terrorist attack, there's often someone else standing in the background. It's a representative from the FBI's Office for Victim Assistance, there to help people suffering in the aftermath of a disaster.

PAKISTAN: Domestic violence is the most under-reported crime and condoned by social customs

Violence against women is a major health and human rights concern in Pakistan. Women can experience sexual, physical or mental abuse throughout their life cycle, in infancy, childhood and during adulthood or older age. Violence against women has severe physical and psychological consequences and as a social problem warrants an immediate coordinated response from multiple sectors.

NIGERIA: Shantytown dwellers face eviction

Residents of Port Harcourt’s shantytowns say they live in fear being forcibly evicted

EGYPT: Refugees hit by discrimination, violence amid heightened nationalism

Refugees in Egypt face unemployment, difficult living conditions and xenophobia

PAKISTAN: Balochistan mourns its missing

Protesters in Balochistan demand to know the wherabouts of missing relatives

內湖館 林鈺珊

UN finds child labour, underage marriage among displaced Central Africans

Children at an IDP camp in Kabo, northern Central African Republic