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Employers in France to come under tougher industrial laws


European ministers grant loan to Spain


Spain to seek Eurozone aid for ailing banking system

Spain will ask for European financial aid for its ailing banking system, the country's finance minister has confirmed.

EU to Lend Spanish Banks $125 Billion

Eurozone finance ministers have agreed to lend Spain up to $125 billion to shore up its failing banks.

Olympus embarks on restructuring, reaches 10mn pounds settlement with Woodford


First New York Securities fined $185,350 by regulator in Japan


Spain's credit rating cut three notches


In-store bank planned by Marks and Spencer to check dip in sales


Britain's Rolls-Royce to take control of Aero Engine Control after purchasing JV partner's stake


European Officials: Spain Nearing Bailout Request

European officials say Spain is poised to seek billions of dollars in bailout money from other countries in the euro currency bloc to rescue its distressed banks.