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OECD sees global growth moderating as uncertainties intensify

The global economic expansion appears to have peaked, with diverging growth prospects worldwide and intensifying risks, according to the OECD’s latest Interim Economic Outlook.

EU Social Policies Need Upgrade to Keep Pace with Evolving Labor Markets, New Technologies

Labor, taxation and social welfare policies in the European Union must be upgraded to protect vulnerable workers and tackle rising inequality brought about by rapidly changing labor markets and new technologies, says a new World Bank report, Toward a...

Non-Routine Jobs Rise in Serbia, but Labor, Taxation and Social Policies Must Be Upgraded to Address Increasing Inequality, Says World Bank

Labor, taxation and social welfare policies in countries around Europe and Central Asia must be brought into the 21st century to tackle rising inequality between groups and help workers face increased uncertainty, says a new World Bank study.

Cash-Strapped Gaza and an Economy in Collapse Put Palestinian Basic Needs at Risk

The economy in Gaza is collapsing, suffering from a decade long blockade and a recent drying up of liquidity, with aid flows no longer enough to stimulate growth according to a new World Bank report. The result is an alarming situation with every...

Youth2030: UN chief launches bold new strategy for young people ‘to lead’

High Level Event on Youth2030 to launch the United Nations Strategy and the Generation Unlimited Partnership.

EU support for the African Peace and Security Architecture: poor effect and in need of refocusing, say auditors

The APSA was established by the member states of the African Union as a long-term response to the peace and security challenges on the African continent. Through the APSA, the African Union and regional level organisations have access to tools which...

South Asia can Triple Regional Trade by Removing Trade Barriers

By reducing man-made trade barriers, trade within South Asia can grow three times, from $23 billion to $67 billion, says a new World Bank report. Bangladesh has the potential to more than double its trade with South Asian countries. Increased regional...

World Bank Approves First Energy Sector Credit in Nepal

The World Bank has approved its first loan to strengthen the finances and operations of Nepal’s energy sector, so it can deliver reliable, affordable and sustainable power to the Nepali people.

Job automation risks vary widely across different regions within countries

The risk of job automation is much higher in some regions than others within countries, meaning governments will need to address any widening of job inequality between one area and another in the coming years, according to a new OECD report.

Few countries are pricing carbon high enough to meet climate targets

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