Human Rights

Myanmar: Drop Charges Against Free-Speech Activist

Myanmar authorities should immediately drop all charges against the free-speech activist and poet Maung Saungkha, Human Rights Watch said on August 20. Maung Saungkha is to appear in court on August 21, 2020 to face accusations of organizing a protest...

Thailand: Drop Charges, Free Democracy Activists

Thai authorities should immediately drop all charges and unconditionally release prominent pro-democracy activists arbitrarily detained for their role in peaceful protests, Human Rights Watch said on August 20, 2020. On August 19, 2020, Thai police...

Jordan: Closing teachers’ union, detaining officials, ‘serious’ rights violations

A street scene in Amman, Jordan.

Jordan: Escalating Repression of Journalists

Jordanian authorities have used a sweeping gag order, harassment, and arrests to limit media coverage of ongoing protests stemming from the arbitrary closure of the Jordanian Teachers’ Syndicate on July 25, 2020, Human Rights Watch said on August 18,...

Taiwan Must End Its 24-Year Persecution of Tai Ji Men

Tai Ji Men dizi James and Vivian and their children hold a sign to denounce the Taiwan government’s human rights abuses against Tai Ji...

Belarus crisis: Top UN official concerned over torture allegations

The Holy Spirit Cathedral in Minsk, Belarus.

Coronavirus ‘starkly’ exposes vulnerability of persons with disabilities

Vulnerable people in developing countries like Bangladesh are expected to be hit particularly...

Rwanda: 6 Months On, No Justice for Kizito Mihigo

Rwandan authorities have not conducted a credible and transparent investigation into the suspicious death in police custody of Kizito Mihigo, a well-known singer. It is essential to carry out an effective, independent investigation with the...

Tai Ji Men Has Been Persecuted by Taiwan Government for 24 Years

Tai Ji Men dizi hold a banner that reads, “TAIWAN MUST END ITS 24-YEAR ILLEGAL TAX PERSECUTION OF TAI JI MEN,” in front of the Tai Ji Men...

Afghanistan: More action needed to stop killings of human rights defenders

A mosque in Khair Khana, Kabul , Afghanistan.