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Japan Supports Orphans And Vulnerable Children In Swaziland

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)welcomed a donation of rice valued at US$1.8 million from the Government of Japan to support some 52,000 children in Swaziland on Dec 13 for a period of one year.

Malaysia’s Economic Growth Accelerates to 5.8 Percent in 2017

Growth in Malaysia accelerated through 2017 with year-on-year growth projected at 5.8 percent — the country’s highest annual growth rate since 2014 – and expected to remain strong, projected at 5.2 percent for 2018, report...

Putin's Annual News Conference Could Address Syria, Russian Elections, Ukraine

A spokesman for the Kremlin told Russian state-owned media Wednesday that President Vladimir Putin had prepared "from dawn till dusk" for his annual news conference scheduled for Thursday.

Greenpeace comment on One Planet climate summit

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