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AFGHANISTAN: More fighting, greater humanitarian needs

The need for humanitarian aid will increase in Afghanistan over the next 12 months when more than 130,000 US/NATO troops, backed by tens of thousands of Afghan forces, seek to make military gains against a resurgent Taliba...

Indians in Britain to double by 2051

The population of Indians in Britain is expected to nearly double from 1.4 million to 2.67 million by 2051 by which time the country's population would hover around the 78 million mark, according to a new study.

Toxic copper waste contaminates Chinese river

Toxic waste from a copper mine in China has contaminated a river, causing the death of millions of fish, authorities said Monday.

Asthma warning for expecting mums

A new research has revealed that asthma is the most common complication of pregnancy in Australia with harmful effects on babies, but many of these could be prevented.